4.92 out of 5 based on 13 ratings. 13 user reviews.
They were very quick in responding, did a really good job and their price was standard. From that point forward we have utilised them for all our device repairs. We have been very pleased with the level of service we have received and anticipate a long business relationship with them.
They are extremely helpful and dependably. All for a low cost which helped me as I am on a budget. Thank you so much Lenovo Repairer.

All my repair were done by an expert technician who tested my tablet in front of me several times to ensure it was as fully working, great, reliable, and reasonable company. First class service from start to finish very impressed at the level of service.
For my lenovo vibe x, they delivered an excellent price less than i anticipated. They delivered it on time. Recommending them to others.
Morgan is the guy who attended to my call of request for Lenovo S660 with a cracked screen needed it to be fixed. They did an brilliant job in fixing the issue with an assured warranty for their services. Highly recommending this place for all Repairs and Replacements of high quality services.
Really great experience with Lenovo Repairer . My screen broke the night before after a horrid fall. I came in at 11 am, one of their staff gave me the repair quote, Left my phone with him and came back 45 minutes later to collect my device fully repaired. Truly recommending this awesome service.
I had a great experience at the Lenovo Repairer. Highly Recommending them to others.
I never forget how quickly they provided service for my Lenovo Q350 broken screen in a reasonably competitive price. Everyone was super professional and friendly. recommending their business to others.
Fast and efficient services for a much less price than I was quoted elsewhere. The whole repair process lasted for only 45 minutes at there walk in repair centre in Manchester.
These guys were astonishing and solved tons of problems pretty quickly when we approached them and they were responsive all the time. Finally had great end user experience for the services.
The quality of the repair is great and the price I approached them for my Lenova P90 repair.
These guys are awesome, delivered outstanding repair service when I came here the other day to my Lenovo S850. I wasn't expecting it to be repaired so quickly they did a fantastic job to restore its functionality.
Friendly and well-informed for our Lenovo P90 Repair issues. We would easily come back here if needed in the future.
Quick and polite response, When I came here for Lenovo Thinkpad repair, they offered me nice discount and using correct manufactures methods they fixed the issue.

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